1. Anonymous says:

    Please help me. I've downloaded all the rar files for various Sexy Urban Legends shows. I've tried to combine them using 7-Zip with no success. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ryan, I appreciate the advice. I've download winRAR as you recommended. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to unpack the clips; I just get corruption errors, no files to extract and CRC errors. Any further suggestions? Thanks again.

  1. Ryan says:

    i don't know. you should plug the error message and your problem into google. you might be missing a codec needed to unzip the file.

  1. rjcmt says:

    I had the same problem. When you download the clips download the first one, click 'save as" at the end of the clip name put the number for the clip. If its the first put "1' at the end etc. When all files have downloaded click on the first one (make sure you have winrar downloaded), and click extract files here. Good luck!

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