Sexual Awakenings (REPOST) (Feat. Frank Fortuna & Chris Evans)

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Sexual Awakenings (2004) DVDRip

Title: Sexual Awakening

Original title: Sexual Awakenings

Year: 2004

Genre: Erotic

Director: Francis Locke

Starring: Amber Michaels, Chris Evans, Holly Hollywood

About the film: When Crystal discovers that the men's magazine model, she suggests looking for a girlfriend Tina, take part in a photo shoot. But there is a small problem, it is her husband ...

Issued: USA

Length: 1:26:09

Translation: Original (ENG)


Quality: DVDRip

Format: DivX

Video: DivX 5 560x464 29.97fps 950kbps

Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps

Size: 711MB

Password : cinesoftcore Awakenings.2004.cinesoftcore.part1.rar Awakenings.2004.cinesoftcore.part2.rar


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