Insatiable Cravings (feat. Brad Spears, Frank Mercuri & Kevin Patrick)

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Insatiable Cravings (2006) DVDRip

About movie:

Title: Insatiable Craving

Original title: Insatiable Cravings

Year: 2006

Genre: Erotica

Directed by: J. W. McHausen

Cast: Sydnee Steele, Syren, Jacy Andrews, Brad Spears, Kevin Patrick, Frank Mercuri

About movie:

Dane madly loves his girlfriend Cara, and decided to surprise her buying a home of their mechtaniy.On invites his friends to their udivit.Vse decide to spend the weekend in this house and immediately begin to arise erotic incidents ...

Released: U.S. MRG Entertainment

Length: 1:15:21

Translation: the original (English)


Quality: DVDRip

Format: AVI

Video: Xvid 640x446 30.00fps 1499kbps

Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 123kbps

Size: 881MB

Password : hotcinemax


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